THE largest American retailer of athletic shoes, Foot Locker Inc., is revamping the advertising and marketing for three of its retail chains. The ambitious overhaul, which includes the namesake flagship chain, is timed to coincide with the important backtoschool shopping season. Two chains, Foot Locker, with 1,400 to 1,500 stores, and Champs Sports, with about 600 stores, are getting new campaigns.

''He stood watching her as she left the room, with her poster and her cigarette; a few ashes had fallen to the floor where she'd been standing. He bent down, pinched them between his fingers, and deposited them in his cupped palm. The tender fourth movement, the adagietto, began .

Family connections helped Potash see the Stones. His father operated a drivein theater that had shown the second Muhammad AliSonny Liston title fight on closedcircuit television. George Hamid, the Steel Pier owner, had served as a promoter for the fight, and gave the Potash family a season pass for the Steel Pier..

All of the shoes from Finn Comfort are comfy, and they make a range of types. No one else can claim the title of developing "the most comfy walking shoes on the planet." You will understand that this will undoubtedly be true the moment you wear Finn Comfort shoes. There are many explanations why people consider Finn Comfort in days of difficulty when they require better shoes.

Students were judged on overall creativity, relevance to themes, impact and use of new ideas, as well as documentation of the creative process. The grand prize? A $10,000 donation to the winner's school's arts program. Hello teen motivation.. The "toe and flow" approach, diabetic limbsalvage teams that pair specialists who otherwise seldom work sidebyside, like podiatrists and vascular surgeons. Wound care won't work well until clogged leg arteries are cleared to improve blood flow, notes Armstrong, whose team at the University of Arizona, Tucson, documented a drop in amputations in its first nine months. Such teams can eliminate some of the time diabetics wait for appointments to treat a festering foot, plus stress prevention..

"This is my way of paying back the community that helped us when we needed it," he says. "I could take a bigger job at a mall in Grand Junction and make more money, but then the kids in Moab wouldn't have the same holiday experience. I want to give them that.

Mammuth combines footage shot using an old school 'home movie' style, in which the scenes are overly bright, juddering, blurred, sped up and indistinct, with long, static, soundless studies, uncomfortable angles, warts and all closeups and carefully framed vignettes. The refreshingly unusual, old fashioned visual style is supported by a soundtrack of fast paced music, interspersed with highly significant sound effects, voices from the past, spoken thoughts and dialogue, all of which allow the audience to be both voyeur into Mammuth's life and past, and at times, in the moment with him. The result is a 360 degree experience of the humour and farce, tragedy, pathos and warmth of this weird and wonderful French film..